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From Toronto


  • Travel west on QEW to Hamilton.
  • Continue westerly on QEW/Highway 403 to Brantford.
  • Remain on Highway 403 until you come to the Rest Acres (Simcoe) interchange
  • Turn south onto Highway 24 (Left) and travel about 38 kilometres (24 miles) until you reach Simcoe.
  • Continue southerly about 10 kilometres (6 miles) on Highway 24 until you reach the intersection of Fishers Glen Rd. (Norfolk Road 58) you will see a Kernal Peanuts Sign at intersection.
  • Turn northerly (right) onto Fishers Glen Rd. (Norfolk Road 58).
  • Kernal Peanuts is about 3/4 kilometre (1/2 mile) on the west (left) side.